Vibrations Excited Through Construction Activities in the Neighborhood

Residential Building Müller, Bülach (2017, 4 months)

Residential Buildings Biberstein (2016, 6 months)

Buildings Rütihof (including Chapel) (2016, 4 months)

Swisscom Technical Building Rüti/GL (2015, 4.5 months)

Residential Building Münchwilen (2013/14, 9 months)

Server-Center Franke AG, Aarburg (2013, 6 months)

Residential Buildings Klosters (2012, 1 day)

ICT-Server-Center Samina, Vaduz (2011/12, 1 year)

Residential Building Wangen SZ (2010, 1 month)

Residential Building Stallikon (2008/9, 5 months)

Residential Building Hardplatz, Zürich (2008, 5 months)

Water Pipe Grenchen-Recherswil (2007, 1 day)

Residential Building Büren (2004, 1 day)

Impulsive (explosion-like) Noise in Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings Schlimperg/Effretikon (2017, shear dowels, façade, shear force transfer elements)

Residential Buildings Gutenswil (2017, shear dowels)

Residential Buildings Wettingen (2016, shear dowels)

Residential Buildings Döttingen (2016, unidentified source)

Residential Building Gross/SZ (2013, balcony railing, shear dowels)

Residential Buildings Rheinfelden (2010, shear dowels)

Residential Buildings Ehrendingen (2010, most probably shear dowels)

Residential Building Stäfa (2008, shear dowels)

Residential Building Weiningen (2006 bis 2009, source unclear)

Buildings, Machine Excited

Industry Building Nachbur AG, Holderbank (2017, new machine)

Measurement Table IMT Greifensee (2016)

Hamburg Airport Building (2016, Modal Analysis, together with baudyn GmbH, Hamburg (G))

Casineum Lucerne (2016, Modal Analysis and Operational Behavior, Disco Sound Pressure)

Industry Building Baumer Electric, Felben-Wellhausen (2015, railway tracks)

Residential Building Steckborn (2015, Air Conditioning Devices on the ground floor, consulting)

Zeiss Measurement Table Fritz Studer AG, Steffisburg (2014)

Camion Transport Industrial Building Rümlang (2014, fork lift traffic)

Residential Buildings close to Rockwell, Aarau (2013/14, generator for power testing device)

Residential Building Cham (2013, tumbler)

Competition for new Insel Nord Building, Uni Bern (2013, consulting concerning vibrations through railway tracks, together with baudyn GmbH Hamburg (G) and Leonhardt Andrae Partner, Stuttgart (G))

Machine Foundation ABB, Baden (2013, generator for power testing device)

Measurement Table Kaiser, Rümlang (2013)

Machine Foundation ABB, Kleindöttingen (2012, Modal Analysis, dynamic stiffness)

Measurement Table at Stihl Chain-Production-Plant, Wil and Bronschhofen (2012)

Machine Foundation ABB, Birr (2011, Modal Analysis, dynamic stiffness)

Measurement Table Benteler, Rothrist (2011)

Hydraulic Power Plant Unteraa/NW (2010, dynamic generator foundation stiffness)

Möbel Pfister, Suhr AG (2010, Modal Analysis, operational dynamics, fork lift traffic)

Residential Building St.Gallen, Geophysical Exploration (2010, mobile vibration generator)

Residential Buildings Turgi, Limmat Hydraulic Power Plant (2008/09/10, gear box between turbine and generator)

Measurement Table Siemens, Konstanz (D) (2009, fork lift traffic)

Ventilator at Coal Fired Power Plant Aboño 2, Gijõn, Spain (2008)

Oil Mill Hamburg (G), (2008 Modal Analysis for baudyn GmbH, Hamburg (G))

Punch Press Esmena, Gijõn, Spain (2008)

Hydraulic Power Plant Eglisau (2007/8, Modal Analysis of  the turbine/generator building)

Gravel Production Plant Mülligen (2005/6, Modal Analysis of 3 buildings)

Cutting Press Ferro AG Baden (2006)

Residential Building Däniken (2005, high pressure gas pipe relais station)

Weaving Factory Sernftal (2002/04, weaving machines)

Weaving Factory Appenzell (2001/2003, weaving machines)

Paul-Scherrer Institute/Synchronous Light Source (2001, div. mechanical devices)

Buildings, Human Excited

Atomix Fitness Center Zürich (2017, consulting)

Triple Gym Hall Zug Highschool (2016/17, consulting tuned mass dampers)

Omega 2 Biel, New Watch Museum in Timber (2016, consulting, FE-analysis Volkmar Zabel BU Weimar (G))

Omega Biel, Old Watch Museum in Concrete (2016, operational dynamic behavior)

Omega 1 Biel, New Watch Factory in Timber (2015, operational dynamic behavior at test phase, Modal Analysis using shaker together with Bauhaus Uni Weimar, FE-analysis and model updating Volkmar Zabel BU Weimar (G))

Omega A Biel, Watch Factory (2015, operational dynamic behavior)

Dance School Konstanz (G) (2015)

Eye Medical Clinic Pallas Aarau (2012, operational dynamic behavior)

Dancing Ellisse, Lido Locarno (2010, operational dynamic behavior, Modal Analysis)

Uni of Applied Sciences Fribourg, Test Hall Concrete Slabs (2006, Modal Analysis)

Lycée Porrentruy School Building (2004, operational dynamic behavior)

Mainau Zürich Office Building (2004, Modal Analysis, longterm vibration monitoring)