Signal Acquisition and Processing

Frontend LMS SCM05

24 channels, 16 or 24 bit sample-and-hold ADC, maximum sampling rate sR = 102.4 kHz per channel. Accepts all types of accelerometers mentioned in this Website (VD8-E modules).

Longterm Monitoring: Limited through the registering computer harddisk capacity only. Automatic acquisition control through triggering is suggested when using high sampling rates (Project Stäfa).


LMS TestXpress Software: Comprehensive traditional signal processing (LMS TestXpress):

In the time domain: Characteristic values (min, max, avg…), arithmetic manipulations, integration etc..
In the frequency domain: All kinds of transformations into the frequency domain (FFT, AFFT, PSD, Third-Octave spectra etc.).

In addition: Experimental Modal Analysis using the ArteMis Software Suite (

Identification of structural natural modes based on the AVT (Ambient Vibration Testing) technology: natural frequencies as well as associated mode shapes and damping coefficients. Reto Cantieni is one of the worldwide leading experts in Experimental Modal Analysis using Ambient Vibration Technology (Projects: Erfttal ICE-Railway Bridge, Eglisau Power Station, Langensand Bridge, San Luzi Bell Tower, Gossau Wind Turbine, Dancing Locarno).

GMS-24 Vibration Monitoring Device

7 pcs. including remote access through GSM allowing device control and download of acquired data to a server in our office. Additional devices available on request.

Foto GMSxx und VE-33 Münchwilen

Permanent mode: GMS-24 acquires and stores the one-minute peak values for the three degrees-of-freedom measured with a VE-33 as well as the respective vector sum  for any monitoring period.

Event mode: Upon crossing of an alarm level: GMS-24 stores the three signals acquired using a VE-33 with a sampling rate of. e.g. sR = 200 Hz or sR = 500 Hz for some limited time. Further processing of the signals recorded in the time and frequency domains is possible using the GeoDAS software package. Additionally, the vector sum of the three components X, Y and Z is calculated and stored on-line.

Upon crossing of an alarm level: GMS-24 sends an SMS to any number of cell phones.

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