Mechanical Structures

Mechanical Devices, Mechanically Excited

ITER Fusion Reactor Test Facility HV-Deck at Padova (I) (2017, March, May and July, Modal Analysis at three construction stages, together with Maik Brehm, Merkle + Partner, Heidenheim (G), FE-analyses and model updating)

DLR Ariane 6 Rocket Engine LOX Pipe Test Facility Lampoldshausen (G), Modal Analysis, together with Maik Brehm, Merkle + Partner, Heidenheim (G), FE analysis and model updating)

SBB Signal Operation Facility Zurich HB (2014, operational dynamic behavior)

400-kV-GIS-Switch (gas insulated switch) Castle Peak, Hong Kong (2001/03/13/14, operational dynamic behavior)

Switch Boxes Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant (2012, impulsive loading)

Jet-Grouting Pilot Project Implenia, Luzern HB (2012, horizontal penetration determination)

Huber + Suhner, Herisau (2011, production vibration problems)

500-kV-GIS-Switch (gas insulated switch) Yixing, China (2010/11, Modal Analysis, operational dynamic behavior, sound pressure)

Pulsation Damping Devices at High Pressurized Oil Pipe (2008/09)

Turbine Table Hamburg, (2008, Modalanalyse for baudyn GmbH, Hamburg (G))

EPF Lausanne, tenségrité-Struktur (2006, Modal Analyses)