Our Background

rci PortraitFrom 1974 to 2000, Reto Cantieni, Dr. sc. techn. ETH, dipl. Bauing. ETH/SIA, M. SEM, has been active at the EMPA Section Concrete Structures. EMPA = Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, Duebendorf, Switzerland.

Since 2001, he is the owner and CEO of

rci dynamics, Structural Dynamics Consultants, CH-8600 Duebendorf, Switzerland.

At EMPA, Reto Cantieni predominantly treated structural dynamics‘ problems, including vibrations of bridges, buildings (floors), towers and dams (Publications).

In his Ph.D. Thesis, Reto Cantieni treated the dynamic vehicle/bridge interaction problem for highway bridges. He is an internationally renowned expert in this field today. (Dynamic Bridge-Vehicle Interaction, Dynamic Wheel Load Frequency Spectra).

Further main topics in his professional activities were introduction and application of innovative technologies allowing identification of the dynamic properties of large civil engineering structures: Forced Vibration Testing (FVT) and Ambient Vibration Testing (AVT). Today, Dr. Reto Cantieni is an internationally renowned capacity in Experimental Modal Analysis under Ambient Excitation using the Artemis Software Suite (www.svibs.com).

In a next step, these new experimental technologies were combined with analytical methods. This ended up in the so-called updating of Finite Element Models based on the results of FVT or AVT tests. In this matter, rci dynamics is closely co-operating with Dr. Yasar Deger and the Belgian company  Dynamic Design Solution, DDS, Leuven, Belgium, one of the world-wide leaders in this field (www.dds.be). A further source of experts in this topic is the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, with their updating software package OptiSlang (Erfttal Bridge). Recently, rci dynamics successfully co-operated with Dr. Volkmar Zabel of Bauhaus University in the case of new Watch Factory Facilities (in timber) in Biel and  with Dr. Maik Brehm (now Merkel + Partner, Heidenheim (G)) in the case of the ITER Fusion Reactor Test Plant in Padova (I).

Based on an updated Finite Element model further investigations concerning the effects of any static or dynamic input into a structure can reliably be determined analytically. This may also include determination of optimum rehabilitation measures.

More details on CV and a list of publications of Dr. Cantieni can be found in: CV Cantieni, Publications, Scientific Committees.