Pulsation Dampers

Customer: A Company from Industry
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080704, 4. Juli 2008
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A pipe containing 25 bar pressurized oil was equipped with six pulsation dampers. It was the duty of these dampers to smoothing out the variations in the oil pressure generated through the action of the cogged-wheel-pump moving this oil with a f = 210 Hz frequency. rci dynamics performed measurements on such pulsation dampers to generate a reliable basis for dimensioning the connection between the dampers and pipe.

It became clear quite soon that the B&K 4508 B sensors were able to cope with the kind of vibrations present at the dampers only. The vibrational intensity, e.g. reached several tenths of g. Being accustomed to handling civil engineering structures rci dynamics desperately tried to fix the sensors to the dampers (vibrating with several tenths of g and exhibiting a temperature of 50 degrees Centigrade). Fortunately, rescue came from the plant technicians (Loctite 401).

Fixing the sensors in respective locations and applying the Pimento Software capabilities allowed e.g. determining the relative displacement between two point of interest..

Hitting the dampers with a hammer allowed approximate determination of their natural frequency also during operation.

Close-up of the time signal shown above (sampling rate sR = 6.25 kHz).