Dr. Reto Cantieni and his company rci dynamics offer experimentally and analytically based consultancy in the case of structural dynamics‘ problems in Switzerland and abroad.

We are focused on dynamic problems generated through the dynamic action of human beings, machinery and vehicles on civil or mechanical engineering structures of any kind as well as on humans or machines making use of them (References).

Some characteristic rci dynamics projects are presented on this website.

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Are you confronted with a vibration problem? Do you need competent consultancy immediately? Do not hesitate to use our contact form or to give us a call at: +41 44 821 49 76.

Our competence in structural vibration’s problems is based on  45 years experience with testing of bridges, buildings, dams, bell towers, mechanical devices and whatever you can imagine to vibrate. With our equipment we can acquire, store and process the signals of up to 24 sensors simultaneously. Our 36 accelerometers cover the sensitivity range 10 V/g to 10 mV/g. We also dispose of 8 velocity sensors, geophones, being used for building monitoring purposes.

Experimental Modal Analysis is one of our core competences. Making use of the Ambient Vibration Technology, (AVT), we identify a structure’s natural dynamic characteristics through processing of its response to ambient excitation. This includes natural frequency, mode shape and associated damping of all natural modes. This brings us in a position to proposing an experimentally and thus reality based optimum solution for a structural dynamic’s problem.